E. Lee White: The Ultimate Professional


E. Lee White: The Ultimate Professional

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E. Lee White grew up with a camera in his hands. His distinguished career isn’t built on an “aha! moment,” but rather an ongoing commitment to honing his craft.

That pure dedication, coupled with his calming demeanor, has kept White on the A-list of commercial photographers for more than 25 years. White isn’t just trusted by major corporations; he’s trusted by the individuals who run those corporations. He’s also a go-to among celebrities, the fashion crowd and top advertising agencies.

White photographed George H.W. Bush before he was elected president. He shook hands with Bill Clinton. He was referred to cover a campaign fundraiser for then-Senator Barack Obama.

Chris Rock. Oprah Winfrey. Denzel Washington. Al Roker. Spike Lee. The list goes on.

After beginning his career as an editorial photographer at Newsweek, White studied the intricacies of image-making as a jewelry photographer. That apprenticeship seasoned his skills and creative process for portrait photography.

White’s clients go to him for a world-class experience. His work speaks for itself, but it’s his approach to that work that sets the tone for a successful session every time around. Aside from being a marksman of photography, White brings the comforting aura of a true expert to each shoot.

“I tell my clients that I’m strictly there to make them look good,” White says. “I try to be the ultimate professional and continuously bring more to the table, whether it’s the latest technology or an enhanced atmosphere.”

Those words echo with us here at Duggal, and we are proud to have built a close relationship with Lee White over the years.

For the young photographers out there, here are a few tips straight from Mr. White:

– Build relationships with other photographers

– Your reputation falls on every job, regardless of its size or complexity

– Don’t just study photography; give yourself projects and explore the field

– Always bring something to the table (whether it’s knowledge, skill or passion)


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