Lenticular Prints at Duggal!

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Lenticular Prints at Duggal!

With today’s technology and design capabilities, lenticular product imagery can be used in a variety of applications. Whether you want a 3D image to provide depth to your piece or a lenticular flip including up to fifteen images or as little as two to provide an animation or morphing effect.

Lenticular printing is a multi-step process consisting of creating a 3D image from at least two existing images, and combining the two with a lenticular lens. This process can create various types of prints including:

Transforming Prints: two or more images are used to create a “flip effect” where the viewer can see the original image with small movements and with larger movements, the images flips from one to another.

Animated Prints: generally, many sequential images are used with slight differences between each image to create a storyline. This creates an image that moves or has a morphing effect where part of the image changes size or shape when viewed from different angles.

Stereoscopic Prints: several images of the same object taken at slightly different angles combined to create a 3D effect. This is a print where the viewer does not need to use 3D glasses to view the image.

This technology was created in the 1940s but has evolved over the years to create more depth and movement. Lenticular prints are great for advertising and marketing purposes because they have the ability to show products in motion.

Duggal’s 3D lenticular department has produced campaigns for major retailers as well as produced one off pieces displayed in museums and galleries around the world.

Our artists sit with our clients to develop the right look and to meet the individual needs of each project.

Duggal Visual Solutions has been offering lenticular printing for a while now, but we recently updated our website with images and information regarding lenticular printing. Check it out here!





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