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Life in Pantone Colors: Paul Octavious’ ‘The Pantone Project’

Photographer Paul Octavious makes clever use of the Pantone Color Matching System in his new series, “The Pantone Project.”

The Chicago-based graphic designer-turned-photographer injects both huemor (catch it) and expertise into everyday scenes around the Windy City by holding a Pantone swatch up to his subjects. In one image, a rolling hill is clearly Pantone 18-0119-Willow Bough. Violets in another image aren’t just normal violets; they’re Pantone 19-3438-Bright Violets. Octavious even finds matches for distinctly vibrant Pantones, like 1797, 14-0852 and 166 (Don’t worry if those don’t ring a bell).

Octavious’ creative application of the printing industry’s most widely used color reproduction system is extremely refreshing, as is the grassroots nature of the collection. Octavious recklessly yet harmlessly inserts himself into the photos, which he takes on his iPhone 5 and posts straight to Instagram.

“I use mobile photography and Instagram as a sketchbook for new work and capturing my daily life,” Octavious told Imaging Resource. “I’m always humbled that people follow my adventures and want to come along for the journey.”

Below are a few photos from The Pantone Project. If they spark you into a quirky project of your own, we’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment or tweet us at @DuggalNYC.

Photo by Paul Octavious

Photo by Paul Octavious

Photo by Paul Octavious