Look Closer Macro Photography Contest Winner : John Proudfoot

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Look Closer Macro Photography Contest Winner : John Proudfoot

John Proudfoot from Cornwall, United Kingdom won Duggal’s Look Closer Macro photography contest for his photograph, “A Drop of Passion”.

John is a self-taught photographer. He studied a bit of photography in school in his hometown Bude, Cornwall United Kingdom, and left at 16 to work for his family’s coffee shop.

Photography is a newfound passion for John, though he has always had an interest in wildlife & art. This inspiration has helped him take off within his new path in photography. With the power of the Internet as his informational support system, he has developed his skills as a photographer. John would love to spend a day with a professional photographer where he can receive more insight and learn the information it would take to become a professional.

John has had some success with photography in the past. In 2012 his photograph “Portrait of a Hornet” won first prize in Share the View: Wildlife Contest. He is currently working on building for his portfolio for a personal website displaying a range of macro photography work, flora & fauna and hopefully landscapes in the future.

Quote from the artist: “I only got into photography properly in August of  last year, when I bought my first Digital SLR camera; a Nikon D3000. I have always enjoyed taking pictures with my compact digital camera, but the Digital SLR has allowed me to have more control over what I want to achieve. I’ve been into art all my life and I’ve always had two main objectives; detail and originality. I am also incredibly impatient, so to have the ability to produce a piece of art with the click of a button suits me so much better! A macro lens was always going to be my first choice and I was blown away with the detail you can get that you just can’t see with the naked eye. I read an article about reversing the lens to get more magnification, so for this photo I reversed my kit lens that came with my camera and attached it to the end of my sigma 105mm F2.8 macro lens. I closed the aperture so that just enough light was coming through which is how I got the “light bulb” effect. The tricky part was getting the flower and the drop in focus. This was done by focus stacking a few photos together taken at different focus distances.”

John Proudfoot’s Winning Image: “A Drop of Passion”