Look Closer Photography Contest: Winners Announced


Look Closer Photography Contest: Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone that submitted a photograph to Duggal’s Look Closer photography contest. There were so many talented entries, that it made the decision very difficult. Thank you for sharing your talents with us, and inspiring others.

We have chosen 1 grand prize winner and 5 runner ups. Drumroll please…


John Proudfoot

A Drop of Passion
© John Proudfoot

“This photo is of a passion flower refracted in a drop of water. Taken in Bude, Cornwall (United Kingdom).” 

Congratulations to the 5 runner ups who will also be receiving prizes (runner ups are not in any particular order):

• James Douglas
• Stephen Smith
• Bruce Van Valen
• Lisa Lavery
• Hiep Nguyen Hoang

Beaded Silk
© James Douglas

“This photo was taken on an early morning walk in Bordon, Hampshire UK March 2012. Spiderwebs, something that is so delicate and normally hard to see was now there to be seen and made to inspire on a misty spring morning.” 

#3 White Flower
© Stephen Smith

“This is a white flower shot using a macro lens. It was in plain sight, there are unusual images to be found everywhere. My art is about re-igniting our awareness and appreciation of the natural world that we live in every day. My images convey the invisible spirit of life and the unseen aspects of energy. I work on creating an experience of pure perception of color, shapes, texture, rhythms and light that at the end, express the continuum of the existence of real and unreal. My abstract photographic work presents imperceptible segments and fleeting moments beyond the reality that the non-trained eye can see.”

Cranberries and Cream
© Bruce Van Valen


“Part of a series of photographs of objects in unusual environments. Layers of cranberries floating in water in a small glass tank with whipping cream added and photographed through the side wall of the tank to let gravity take effect.” 

© Lisa Lavery

“Generally photograms are produced by placing the object directly onto the light sensitive paper and exposing it, this image was produced by placing the feather in the negative holder and exposing it onto the paper creating an enlarged photogram. A Lith paper developer was then used to process the image.”

Wonder Island
© Hiep Nguyen Hoang


“A little Captain looking to the wonder island. *This is macro set-up in my room,using colorful notebooks reflection in the water tray together with an artificial island, of course it was safe after working with me.”

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