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Louis Vuitton Introduces Luxury Face Shield


Louis Vuitton Introduces Luxury Face Shield

Face shield, but make it fashion.

As mask mandates continue across the globe, Louis Vuitton is taking consumer personal protective equipment to a new level of luxury with the strapped, gold-studded, LV monogram face shield. Many brands have made fashion statements with cloth face coverings, but Louis Vuitton is the first to venture into a full shield.

Part of the 2021 Cruise collection, the LV face shield will be available online and in select LV stores on October 30, with an unofficial price tag as high as $961, according to Vanity Fair. The shield doubles for sun protection, changing from clear to dark in sunlight, “like one giant transition lens,” Forbes wrote.

CNN noted that Louis Vuitton repurposed several of its facilities in France to produce hundreds of thousands of non-surgical face masks for health care workers at the onset of the coronavirus outbreak. The combination of ethos and ingenuity has helped the brand not only maintain, but also increase its value despite the pandemic. Read more