LUMI•SOLAIR Featured in Press of Atlantic City

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LUMI•SOLAIR Featured in Press of Atlantic City

LUMI•SOLAIR®, a Duggal Energy Solutions company was recently featured in In 2008, LUMI•SOLAIR® created a patented designed streetlight that is powered solely by the wind and sun. This article discusses Egg Harbor and Sea Isle City’s implementation of the streetlights and how NJIT students will get good hands-on experience analyzing the technology. These lampposts could potentially take thousands of lampposts off of the electrical grid.

Here are a couple quick excerpts from the article:

“The standard streetlights Atlantic City Electric installs use high pressure sodium and cost less than $1,000 each, May said. The hybrid lights, designed by Brooklyn-based Lumi SolAir, cost $10,000 each, but could pay for themselves in about half their projected lifetime of at least 15 years, Dahl said.”

“’What we’re doing is not only going to be a showcase for completely off-grid lighting technology, but it’s giving NJIT students some really good hands-on experience,’ said Gerry Gorman, acting president of Lumi SolAir and professor emeritus of Polytechnic Institute of New York University.”

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