Lumy: Never Miss a Golden Hour Again

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Lumy: Never Miss a Golden Hour Again

Even novice photographers know about the golden hour, that perfect time of day cradling sunrise and sunset when the natural light is warm, soft and subtle. However, these optimal windows of time are brief and easy to miss.

Now you can keep track of the golden hour on your mobile device. Lumy is an app made specifically for photographers. It displays exact times for both the morning and evening golden hour (aka the magic hour), along with sunrise and sunset, all in a minimalist interface that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. You can set alerts, or just check the app manually.

Lumy also gives you the weather, sun positioning and a percentage estimate of cloud cover, so you can plan your outdoor shoots more accurately. Even better, the developers recently updated it to work with the new Apple Watch.

Check out a few shots of Lumy in action below, and visit the iOS App Store to download the app for $1.99.

Lumy app

Lumy App notification

Lumy Iwatch notification

Lumy apple watch screen notify