Make an Artist Happy This Holiday Season

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Make an Artist Happy This Holiday Season

Some people are difficult to shop for during the holidays, but your artist friend doesn’t have to be one of them. Better still, you don’t have to break the bank to find them a gift they’ll truly enjoy. Here are a few of the top gift ideas for artists this holiday season.

Hardbound Sketchbook

A quality, hardbound sketchbook is a safe bet for any artist. Sure, they might already have a sketchbook (or even several) that they’re using. Even if that’s the case, you know they’ll eventually come around to the one you bought them.

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are becoming the buzz in just about every industry, art included. Take a look at these art supply subscriptions and see if any fit your budget and your recipient’s interests. The best thing about a monthly subscription box is that it keeps an artist stocked up not only supplies, but also inspiration.

Art Supply Messenger Bag

Speaking of inspiration, travel is one of the purest catalysts for creativity. Whether their travels take them around the world or down the street, their supplies will always follow when you give an artist a messenger bag specially designed to hold brushes, paint tubes, an easel and much more. Bonus points if you give them the bag with a few brand-new supplies already inside.

Watercolor Palette Phone Case

Artists are proud people, as they should be. A watercolor palette phone case is a fun and affordable gift that will let your artist friend or family member proclaim their passion to the world. Or, get them a custom phone case with their own artwork on it.

Canvas Prints

There is nothing more rewarding for an artist than having a finished piece in hand. Canvas prints fulfill this goal in gorgeous fashion, from texture to color to framing. With just a few clicks on, you can give the gift of gallery-quality canvas prints that are packed with care and delivered to your recipient’s doorstep, ready to hang.

Happy holidays to artists everywhere. You make the world a beautiful place.