Massive Gallery Sculpture Breathes with the Weather

Curators’ Corner

Massive Gallery Sculpture Breathes with the Weather

A unique, kinetic installation in Wisconsin’s John Michael Kohler Arts Center is changing the way people experience Mother Nature.

From Seattle-based artist John Grade, Capacitor is a giant, illuminated, honeycomb-like sculpture that morphs with fluctuating weather patterns and historical data.

Connected to weather sensors on the roof of the gallery, the structure slowly “breathes” with wind and temperature changes. LED lights also brighten and dim over the course of the day, creating a full indoor weather experience.

“With all of my work, I’m motivated by change,” says Grade. “How do I make something that isn’t static but that responds either to our environment or to the immediate space in which the exhibition is being shown.”

Grade has done something spectacular in creating an organism of art and converting an outdoor experience to an indoor display. Check out the video below to see him discuss his creation.