Matthew Denton Burrows: “Dripped on the Road”

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Matthew Denton Burrows: “Dripped on the Road”

A native New Yorker known for deep roots in the culture of street art, Matthew Denton Burrows is committed to community building through his work as a curator, muralist, and entrepreneur in the arts. Over the past several years, Burrows and Duggal consultant, Hardy Rosenstein, have collaborated on a slew of fine art prints on watercolor paper and works transferred direct to Dibond.

From 2D imaging to massive wall murals, Burrows’ spirit of partnership is contagious. Outside of his work with Duggal, his most recent project, Dripped on the Road, an outgrowth of his company, DrippedOn Productions, is a “traveling artist residency based out of an RV.” The project’s pilot program completed a test run this past fall. The six artists onboard, including Burrows and two other co-founders, spent one month traveling from New York through the southeastern United States to Miami, Florida.

The team’s goal was to bring artists to various towns and cities to engage in interactive dialogue and art making with locals. Their work included guest lectures at host arts organizations, murals, and drawing sessions in State and National parks; as well as some good old-fashioned fun. One highlight was Thanksgiving in Savannah, Georgia with 70 other RV travelers, many of them retirees who were thrilled with the project.

In the spirit of American road tripping and films like Easy Rider and Thelma and Louise, the RV challenges, joys, people and art making of Dripped on the Road are all captured in photographs and video on the project’s website.