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Goal: The goal for the project was to create a truly one of a kind LED light display for Matthew Williamson’s newest location in the meat packing district of NYC. The initial idea came from our clients and we helped them in seeing their idea come to life.

Final Displays: The final piece was a 10’ by 10’ LED Light wall that used about 1350 linear feet of 6 different color LED string lights. They were designed and laid out in a specific pattern with the use of layers. These layers were separate by lenticular lens and plexi walls. The final piece was installed at 14th Street and 9th Avenue in Matthew Williamson newest retail store.

Process: We started as always by doing a feasibility study of the idea brought to us. The Duggal team then worked together with the client to choose a very specifically laid out plan on where each color would be placed and where it would be located in retrospect to the other colors based on layers. Next we built the frame structure that would hold our design. After this we work layer by layer to meticulously place every linear foot of the LED lights in our design. The intertwining lights were adhered to the layers of plexi inserted in to a custom frame made of welded steel and aluminum tracks. Our team then also incorporated lenticular lens to reflect and refract the colors blending the lights in an extremely unique way. From the concept to fabrication of this idea Duggal worked closely with the client’s view but also helped them advance their thoughts into a very precise well thought out design. After completion the Duggal team then installed the wall into the store’s location. The store’s opening on Sunday, February 15th attracted a vast number of people including celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Zoe, Katharine McPhee, Mischa Barton and Joy Bryant.

Materials Used: • 6 Colors of LED Lights (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Purple)
• Plexi Layers (Black and Clear)
• Lenticular Lens
• Custom Welded Steel Truss System

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