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Meet Renowned Photographer, Travel Journalist and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Peter Guttman

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Meet Renowned Photographer, Travel Journalist and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Peter Guttman

Duggal Visual Solutions and Skyhorse Publishing Invite You To Meet Renowned Photographer, Travel Journalist and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Peter Guttman

Thursday, December 10th 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Duggal Visual Solutions

29 West 23rd Street, NYC 10010


“I’ve always been more inspired by crafting a life than by simply

making a living.  Amongst earth’s wonders, I’m furiously trying to jam

as many adventures and experiences into just one life span.”

– Peter Guttman


There are people who have traveled, and then there are people who havetraveled so far and wide that their stories alone become an art form. Photographer Peter Guttman is the latter, having traversed over 220 countries across all seven continents and documented his travels with a stunning portfolio of photography. His body of work to date – which includes multiple books, hundreds of magazine covers and articles, iPad apps, and highly acclaimed lectures – feels like a decades-long exploration, because that’s exactly what it is. Guttman is a visual storyteller who seeks out the world’s hidden corners.


Described by the New York Times as “a one man Explorer’s Club”, Guttman has authored eight hardcover books while endeavoring to capture astonishing visions of adrenaline-pumping travels on the edge of civilization. Long before GoPros, drones and selfie sticks, he was using extended tripods as a fishing rod to create magical, surrealistic mid-air suspension images and attaching his camera to the sails of a desert land yacht or the wings of a wilderness floatplane.


Duggal Visual Solutions is proud to have been Mr. Guttman’s photographic lab of choice for the past 20 years. A strong advocate of shooting with film, he estimates that he brings 600+ rolls to Duggal per year, and we can tell you first-hand that each one is filled with absolute magic.It is an honor for us at Duggal to work with Peter Guttman, named one of “20 of the World’s Most Influential Photographers” in conjunction with the George Eastman Power of the Image Award. His work is truly inspiring, as is his perspective on life.


Please join us for a celebration of Mr. Guttman’s photographic achievements. Three of his hardcover photography collections, (Extreme Adventure: A Photographic Exploration of Wild Experiences, By the Sea: A Photographic Voyage Around the Blue Planet, and Children Around the World: A Photographic Treasury of the Next Generation), all published within the last year, will be on hand for book signing.

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