Meet SPYSCAPE, NYC’s Not-So-Secret Spy Museum


Meet SPYSCAPE, NYC’s Not-So-Secret Spy Museum

New York’s newest must-see museum is dedicated to the art of espionage. You, too, can be as stealth as a top-secret spy at SPYSCAPE, the 60,000-square-foot space that helps people “see themselves and others more clearly.”

“Visitors are handed digital wristbands on entry so they can explore their own spy skills and attributes by completing challenges and, in the debriefing room, discover their spy role,” CNN Travel explains. “That means playing both suspect and sleuth in the lie-detection interrogation booth, where you learn your own tells — be careful not to blink too much — and then spot the falsehoods of others.”

In addition to the entirely “bespoke” experience, the David Adjaye-designed museum features gallery-style exhibitions highlighting history’s slickest masterminds.

“Learn about the teenage hacker who infiltrated the CIA and an FBI agent who found a mole inside the bureau,” New York City Guide says. “A wall of Guy Fawkes masks is on view as well, reminiscent of the hackers in the USA show Mr. Robot.

The detail and intellectual input behind SPYSCAPE is what makes the museum truly impactful. Shelby Prichard, SPYSCAPE’s chief of staff, told Spectrum News NY1:

“We worked for two years with the former head of training for British Intelligence and leading industrial psychologists to develop our spy profiling system. So you can to take personality tests IQ tests, risk tolerance test then try out these real spy challenges and we combine all that data so you can figure out what kind of spy you would be”

In the months leading up to SPYSCAPE’s opening, Duggal Visual Solutions and Kamhi Kolor worked alongside JRM Construction and the museum’s ownership to bring eye-catching, educational graphics to the many walls, windows and hideaways throughout the space. From vinyl and CAD to acrylic, Sintra and even wood, no stone was left unturned in the search for the perfect exhibition materials. See photos below, and visit to plan your visit to SPYSCAPE.