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Millennials: Lisa Frank Coloring Books Can Still Make You Happy

Curators’ Corner

Millennials: Lisa Frank Coloring Books Can Still Make You Happy

Just like photography can improve your mood, self-esteem, and brain functioning, coloring is an art form that holds incredible benefits. According to the Huffington Post, simply picking up a pen or colored pencil is an immediate stress-release, thanks to the concentration that coloring requires and the resulting quietness that it generates.

Psychologists have been using coloring as a relaxation technique for at least a century, mainly to distract the mind from fears and worries. Adult coloring books, in fact, have been hot for the last few years after publishers tapped into these benefits, making a mainstream trend out of what might otherwise be considered a childish activity for adults to take part in.

In late June, we were thrilled to learn that colorful 90s icon, Lisa Frank would be debuting her first-ever adult coloring book. Now, Color Me Lisa Frank is officially here and millennials everywhere can rejoice as psychedelic spotted seals, majestic rainbow unicorns, and cool cats donning sunglasses make a new appearance in coloring books—this time, designed specifically for adults to enjoy.

Available in four covers and priced at just $3, Color Me Lisa Frank is a great way to spend your lunch money. Not only will the mind of a millennial grow happier and less stressed from coloring Frank’s fabulously neon scenes; the childhood nostalgia brings an added layer of joy.

Lisa Frank 53399-b-lf-adult-cvr-skye-2016 Lisa Frank 53399-a-lf-adult-cvr-hunter-2016

Lisa Frank 53399-a-lf-adult-cvr-collage-2016 Lisa Frank 53399-a-lf-adult-catdog-cvr-2016

While Frank quickly grew her brand from coloring books to backpacks, sticker books and more, she has remained rather mysterious as the creator behind her funky concepts. According to The Atlantic, the Tucson native even requested to remain off camera during an in-person interview; however, she did confirm that their Arizona headquarters keep a copy of every original artwork ever made.

Looking to pick up a Lisa Frank adult coloring book for yourself? Stop by a Dollar General store near you and see if there are any left!