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Mind-Bending Illustrations by Matthew Denton Burrows

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Mind-Bending Illustrations by Matthew Denton Burrows

There’s no denying that Matthew Denton Burrows’ art work is unique. Driven by the city that never sleeps, his illustrations represent the chaotic and fast paced energy of New York in a beautifully visceral fashion.

Born in Manhattan, he began his career in art at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Burrows had his first solo gallery show and was hooked, following up his Bachelors Degree with a Masters in Illustration as Visual Essay at The School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Although his passion is showing in gallery settings, he’s often commissioned to produce street art pieces as well.

Social Synergy brushed_straight copy

His series “Social Synergy” is mind bending, psychedelic, and detailed to insane levels of precision. Akin to “Where’s Waldo?” books, the depth and immeasurable amount of visual elements within the pieces could allow a viewer to scrupulously inspect them and never see every detail. And yet, every individual element has its exact place, and reason for being where it is. The web-like stories told in his work are astounding, and visually impressive. It’s quite obvious that Burrows has become a master of his craft, and has been lauded for his work in numerous outlets.

Social Synergy Print-1_1000

One of Burrows’ most recent showings, was his series “On Metal,” where his surreal illustrations were printed directly to substrate by Duggal Visual Solutions. Aluminum dye-bond was used in conjunction with transparent backgrounds in his illustrations to fit the industrial setting of the Cabaret Bar at Brooklyn’s Verboten night club.

Social Synergy Verboten-MDB-01 Social Synergy Verboten-MDB-02 Social Synergy Verboten-MDB-03

Expanding his views and connecting with people in a personal manner are what Burrows prides himself on, and where he draws his passion from. As he’s gotten nods from multiple sources as one of the top street artists to keep an eye on, I’m sure he’ll be able to keep his passion up for a long time coming.