Art Scene



Goal: The goal for the project was to communicate Monaco’s rich environmental heritage and to educate viewers about conversation issues of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Final Displays: The final pieces were three 5′ diameter and 8′ high cylindrical structures illuminated from with in containing embedded images and video, creating interactive experiences for their viewers. The structures encompassed lighting, video, images, text and most importantly had to be flexible for transportation yet rigid enough for installation in remote sites.

Process: We started as always by doing feasibility study of the design submitted to us and by identifying aspects of design we would need to modify, in order to realize both the aesthetic and practical considerations of the projects. The Duggal team then created three-dimensional AutoCAD drawings of the structures. Having worked with a custom extruded aluminum systems over many years, we devised these cylindrical structures in a short time and moved to lighting and facade substrate. We used strings of LED lights and set them in such a way, that they dispersed light evenly to create the most soft and beautiful glow through layers of acrylic panels on which we had printed the graphic supplied by the client. These printed acrylics were then curved to be inset into our metal structure. We laser cut niches into these acrylic panels for LCD panels and mounted DVD players at the center of each structure. The final outcome was spectacular. These structures installed looked like jewel boxes, aglow with the soft radiating light of the LED’s and dynamic moving video images.

Materials Used:

  • LCD Monitors
  • DVD Players
  • LED Lights
  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Laser Etching
  • Plexi Glass