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Mount Any Print on Plexiglass

Techniques/ Tips

Mount Any Print on Plexiglass

If you have ever seen a print on Plexiglass, you were likely awe-struck by the sleek appearance and vivid color. Using a modern, transparent acrylic substrate offers a sophisticated appearance for your prints. Most of the time, a print is mounted to Plexiglass and not printed directly onto it.

Glass vs. Plexiglass: What’s the Difference?

Plexiglass provides all of the typical benefits of regular glass, such as clear visibility and basic protection from damage. However, Plexiglass goes even further by eradicating the interruption of glares, resisting scratches and other surface damage, and even blocking out up to 50%-75% of UV rays, a common antagonist for printed art. Much lighter in weight than regular glass, Plexiglass is easy to transport, position, and relocate. Meanwhile, it’s also thicker than regular glass and destined to last longer.

What Makes Plexiglass So Versatile?

Acrylic sheets such as Plexiglass have been the industry standard since first introduced 75 years ago. Plexi’s unsurpassed quality, ease of use, and wide range of colors, patterns, thicknesses, and sizes make it very customizable for a variety of use cases.

How a Print on Plexiglass Will Make Your Image Stand Out

A space decorated with bright, personalized Plexiglass prints will be sure to leave an impression on anyone who enters. There is something about the way Plexi jumps out at the viewer, especially with Duggal’s Gallery Plexi Mounts. Learn more in the video below, and visit Shop Duggal to order your print on Plexiglass today!