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Municipal Art Society Turns 125th Anniversary into Collaborative Celebration

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Municipal Art Society Turns 125th Anniversary into Collaborative Celebration

Despite the daily quarrels, New Yorkers know that unity is the fabric of the City. Facilitating that togetherness is the Municipal Art Society (MAS), a non-profit organization that has advocated for thoughtful urban planning, diversity and inclusivity since 1893. From transportation and landmark preservation to housing, zoning, advertising and public art, MAS is nothing short of essential to New York’s past, present and future.

True to its collective nature, MAS celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2018 with an exhibition incorporating input from the Museum of the City of New York and the Center for Architecture, the latter of which is hosting the show. Toward a Livable City: New York and the Municipal Art Society (1893-Present) explores MAS’ profound impact on the metropolis we live in today through a series of architectural panels that are as engaging as they are eye-catching.

The dimensional display was designed by Pentagram and built by Duggal Visual Solutions. Sugriv Grover and Duggal’s fabrication team produced 21 large, 3D frames using wood and industrial Tyvek in a unique process that involved stretching the Tyvek over the frames. The graphics tell the story of how MAS has “conceived with, promoted alongside, and sometimes fought against the actors who shape the city: powerful government leaders, important institutions, and colorful individuals,” the Center for Architecture said. See photos below, and visit the exhibition in person at the Center for Architecture through December 31, 2018.