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Murad Osmann: Taken by Hand Around the World

Curators’ Corner

Murad Osmann: Taken by Hand Around the World

Russian photographer Murad Osmann’s life seems pretty good. While his role as executive producer of a production company takes him around the world, his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova leads him by the hand.

Osmann continues his enchanting series, “Follow Me,” an Instagram project in which he posts pictures from his point of view as his lover takes him to every corner of the globe. From London to Venice to Bali and everywhere in between – landmarks, waterfalls, escalators and bowling alleys included – Osmann’s arm is shown extended and latched to Zakharova.

The project started on vacation in Barcelona, where Osmann was that traveling photographer who’s always a few steps behind because they can’t stop taking photos. Zakharova began pulling Osmann by the hand, to which he still managed to snap a picture.

According to PetaPixel, Osmann uses the Camera+ app to add vibrant effects to the photos before uploading them to Instagram.

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All images courtesy of Murad Osmann