NBA Draft Lottery Project


NBA Draft Lottery Project

Duggal worked with the NBA Draft to produce background graphics for the NBA draft, filmed at ABC studios in Times Square. They wanted to take advantage of the Time Square lights, but still have their branding visible in the studio and from the street outside.

Duggal could not use any type of window adhesive material because the windows have a special non-glare coating. The NBA wanted to use flag material to get the translucency of the material so they could see the Time Square lights in the background.

Duggal printed on Flag material facing inside the studio – and printing on window barrier film for the outside graphics. The outside graphics were then adhered to the back of the banners so that the lights of Times Square were visible through the flag material and the lottery balls and logos were solid both inside and out. The banners were attached to frames on-site and fitted into the angled windows. We also created Duratrans prints for the light boxes inside the studio.

Check out the photos below: