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New D.C. Spot Set To Serve Up Drinks in a Working Photo Studio

Curators’ Corner

New D.C. Spot Set To Serve Up Drinks in a Working Photo Studio

What to do while your negatives are drying? A new concept underway in Washington, D.C. aims to liven up this traditional downtime.

PetaPixel reports that a hybrid bar-darkroom-studio called “The Darkroom” is slated to open its doors in Northwest Washington, D.C. as “a venue dedicated to building community through the art of photography.” In addition to allowing patrons to develop their film in a social setting, The Darkroom will also enable them to enjoy an in-house photo studio and gallery space, all while sipping drinks at a bar.

After uncovering the new business’ liquor license application, editor Tim Regan of D.C.’s local news site Borderstan broke the news that the bar would be built at 207 Florida Ave. NW. The Darkroom will also reportedly host “screenings, art shows, lectures and classes” paying tribute to photography as an art form. And, if the idea itself doesn’t whet your palette, then perhaps The Darkroom’s proposed offerings of charcuterie, cheese, and olives will.

Darkroom Bar Possible Location

An image of the possible new location of The Darkroom, courtesy of Google Maps

With the rapid development of new technology for digital photography, the community center will celebrate the significance of film, and will offer new stomping grounds for both longtime film fans and photography newbies to come together in a fun setting.

Thus far, neither publication has been able to speak with the business owners themselves. That said, we can’t decide whether a one-stop-shop where photographers can imbibe while simultaneously developing your negatives is a dream come true or a hipster magnet–but we are certainly intrigued and supportive either way!