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New Normal: PPE Vending Machines


New Normal: PPE Vending Machines

The shock of a global shutdown is giving way to the acceptance of a “new normal” as nations and cities slowly begin to reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Buzzword aside, the new normal is a fascinating shift bringing unique solutions to the forefront of our everyday lives. The vending machine, for example, replaces snacks and sodas with your products or even face masks, sanitizers and other personal protective equipment. 

Branded Vending Machines

Vending machines have always been canvases for branding and advertising. Take a look at how Duggal Visual Solutions is customizing vending machines for its clients with adhesive vinyl graphics. Notice the combination of primary branding (logo and colors) and secondary branding (visual icons). The latter is a means of communicating what is in the vending machine.

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Vending Machines Offering PPE

PPE vending machines can be token-based or free-vending. Consider the latter, if possible, to show goodwill toward customers and the general public. During and after the pandemic, people will remember the brands that have compassion. Regardless of whether you choose to sell PPE or give it away for free, Duggal can assist you with sourcing the items to stock your machine.

While a PPE vending machine itself is a one-time cost, remember that it can easily be reskinned with new graphics at any time, making it an “evergreen” fixture. If or when PPE becomes less necessary, the machine can be refurbished to vend other standard items.

Order Yours

Airport store operator Hudson is rolling out PPE vending machines in 27 of America’s busies airports by the end of Summer 2020. We’re also seeing the machines pop up in venues, schools and retail hubs around the world. Contact Duggal to learn more about PPE vending machine pricing, customization and installation.