‘New Stand’ Enlivens NYC Subway Commute

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‘New Stand’ Enlivens NYC Subway Commute

The New York City Subway is a marvel of modern transit in its complexity, 24-hour service, and the sheer volume of people it moves throughout the five boroughs. However, most New Yorkers who commute by subway every day will tell you that it’s far from inspiring. In fact, it can be quite demoralizing at times.

But there’s an eye-catching change in Union Square, where a sleek, modern kiosk has replaced “an old newsstand that sold chocolate bars and Snickers and magazines and Snapples, and has done that exact same thing for 30 years,” as designer George Alan aptly described the hundreds of traditional New York newsstands scattered above and below ground.

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A product of four super-savvy entrepreneurs – Alan, Lex Kendall, Andrew Deitchman, and David Carson – with a vision for making New York’s underground more visually pleasing, “The New Stand” is brightly lit and perfectly stocked with everything from snacks and toiletries to collapsible bike helmets and instant cameras. Instead of old-fashioned newspapers and magazines, it will serve customizable news through an app that works with or without Wi-Fi.

New Stand Team

As a pillar of New York’s original Photo District for more than 50 years, Duggal has had a front row seat to New York City’s endless evolution. We’re always ecstatic to help bring new ideas to life in the city we call home, and are proud to be the print provider for the New Stand’s marketing materials, including banners, mini brochures, “New Stand” currency, and magnets co-branded with promotional partner, eBay. A second “New Stand” is already open in Brookfield Place, and we’re excited for the next one coming soon to the 57th Street/Lexington Avenue station!

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