Nifty Gifts Photographers Love

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Nifty Gifts Photographers Love

Photographers live by their gear. But for every hour they spend exploring the latest cameras and accessories, there are dozens of items they pass up. Maybe they decided not to spend the money, or they held off on something cool because they had a more pressing need for something essential. Whatever the case may be, you can bet there’s a great gift out there that you can get for them this holiday season. Here are a few ideas:

Mobile Printer

For the iPhone photographer, consider a portable photo printer. Aside from marveling at the reality of being able to carry around a printer in their pocket, your giftee will have tons of fun printing photos of their travels, during their travels. They can also instantly give their friends and family members the keepsake of a physical photo—after posting on Instagram with the perfect caption and hashtags, of course.

Collapsible Light Diffuser

Photographers use a light diffuser to soften the blow of a harsh external flash on their subject. Light diffusers are generally pretty cheap, which means you can gift your photographer friend or family member one that is top of the line without making a dent in your holiday spending budget. Choose a diffuser that is collapsible for easy transport and storage.

Laptop/Camera Backpack

There are laptop bags, and there are camera bags…and laptop camera bags. Take a look and see what type of backpack your giftee is currently using. Are they switching backpacks based on what they’re doing on a given day? Are they laboring over a handheld camera bag? If any of these struggles seem to be the case, you have an opportunity to change their life with this gift.

Camera Cleaning Kit

With so many different cleaning tools available for high-end cameras, a complete cleaning kit is the ideal solution. Instead of having to pick up a lens brush or cleaning cloth separately, your recipient will have everything they need in a compact and organized box that they can keep in their gear bag.

High Definition Photo Prints

The theme of this gift guide has been gear, but we want to get back to the art with this last recommendation. High definition photo prints from Shop Duggal bring a photographer’s work to life with outstanding detail and true continuous tone. The great thing about Shop Duggal is that you can purchase these prints—and other styles—online with just a few clicks.

Photographers, we hope you have a happy holiday season (and receive some cool gifts to shoot with in the New Year ahead)!