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Nikon Tweaks BlackRapid’s ‘Quick-Draw’ Shoulder Straps

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Nikon Tweaks BlackRapid’s ‘Quick-Draw’ Shoulder Straps

Nikon has partnered with BlackRapid to refine the accessory maker’s popular quick-draw shoulder straps, invented by esteemed photographer and BlackRapid founder Ron Henry.

The Nikon “Quick-Draw Strap” and “Quick-Draw Strap S” are made for on-the-go shooting, allowing your camera to glide diagonally up and down the strap, and hang upside down utilizing the tripod socket.

“These two new straps offer an even greater sense of security with a safety strap that prevents the camera from falling in the unlikely event the fastener comes loose, and a cover that prevents the carabiner that connects the strap to the camera from scratching the camera body,” Nikon says.

The Quick-Draw features a larger shoulder pad suited for DSLR users, while the Quick-Draw S has a more narrow shoulder pad for use with Nikon 1 advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses and Nikon COOLPIX compact digital cameras.

The new-straps are essentially Nikon-branded BlackRapid straps with a few enhancements. What do you think of the partnership and new features?


(Images courtesy of Nikon)