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NYC High Line Exhibition Sheds Light on the Incarcerated

DVS Project

NYC High Line Exhibition Sheds Light on the Incarcerated

The beautiful, sprawling surroundings of New York’s elevated urban walkway known as the High Line provided a stark contrast to the reality brought forth in “The Writing on the Wall,” a traveling installation composed of essays, poems, letters, stories, diagrams, and notes written by individuals in prison around the world.

Based on real measurements of cell blocks and messages from those within them, the collaboration between Hank Willis Thomas, Dr. Baz Dreisinger and MASS Design Group is designed to spread awareness and galvanize grassroots efforts toward prison and justice reform. Special tours led by two formerly incarcerated individuals gave viewers additional context, while the exhibition remained open from October 31 through November 10 for passersby.

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Duggal Visual Solutions’ Carole Garcia, Senior account executive, consulted with Chemistry Creative over the course of several weeks to produce the acrylic panels conveying the thoughts and emotions of people behind bars. A key goal was to enhance ink density and legibility without sacrificing the organic variations inherent in the original hand written letters. See photos below and learn more on the High Line website.