ODA New York – Welcome to the Neighborhood!

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ODA New York – Welcome to the Neighborhood!

ODA New York, a global collective that designs for a range of audiences has relocated its headquarters to 250 Park Avenue South.

In an era of rapid urban growth, the cutting-edge firm (Office for Design and Architecture) creates spaces that, per the firm’s own website, “allow people to seamlessly connect in all aspects of their lives.” The firm leverages dynamic forces within a location and allows them to work as a catalyst in their architectural projects, resulting in solutions that “become expressions of the human condition.”

ODA New York Concept

Their highly sought-after work is timely, modern, upscale and speaks to their clean aesthetic and goal to provide pragmatic design solutions. From interior spaces in New York’s trendiest neighborhoods to furniture, commercial, public space and hotel design internationally, ODA’s portfolio of work is innovative and unique.

ODA New York Mural and Roses 8th Avenue

Among the projects making up ODA’s stellar portfolio is the renovation of 15 Union Square West, which was built in the 1870s and housed the original Tiffany & Co. headquarters. The Residence, a commission won from a competition launched by the unnamed, forward-thinking owner of the top two floors of the 90-story Trump World Tower in New York City boasts 20,000 square feet of living space, including a sculpture garden and a professional-grade recording studio. There’s the James New York hotel in SoHo, a 76,000-square-foot hotel with 110 rooms/suites surrounded by 10,000 square feet of stepped gardens. Lastly, the Long Island City BreadBox Cafe, an adaptive reuse project in Queens converting a gas-station garage into a bakery, is yet another example of the firm’s distinctive ability to consider all the possibilities that a project may dictate. Founder Eran Chen believes that every site has its own DNA to consider. “There’s a history that exists way before the architect comes along,” he says. “There’s a chain of information the we must first identify, then make it multiply. It’s holistic.”

ODA New York 100Norfolk rendering

Duggal started as ODA’s visual solutions partner in October of 2014.

We’ve since created portfolios of the firm’s rendered work for presentation to prospective clients, stretched archival canvas prints as wall décor for the firm’s new headquarters, as well as invitations to ODA’s grand opening celebration. Duggal consultant Hope Savvides works closely with the ODA team to ensure quality and consistency from project to project.

ODA New York Banners

We recently hosted a lunch and learn event for ODA. We toured them through our facilities, introduced them to the various technical processes we offer, and enjoyed a meal with our new neighbors. Duggal is proud to serve as ODA’s provider of photographic and print services. We were happy to welcome them to our facilities and to the neighborhood.

 ODA New York at Duggal  ODA New York Lecture at Duggal

   ODA New York

Photos courtesy of ODA New York.