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Operation Goodness: A Success!

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Operation Goodness: A Success!

Operation Goodness has been an absolute success!

Duggal Visual Solutions and the Duggal Big Picture Foundation are proud to support our troops abroad. Through our combined efforts, we will be sending Girl Scout Cookies and care packages to our servicemen and women on the front lines.

With the help of Emma Bledsoe, Girl Scout and daughter of our Digital C manager Ken, along with Omar Columbus, we raised over $950 in donations to purchase cookies for the troops. Emma was also her troop’s top seller, earning her a free trip to summer camp!

Emma Bledsoe, daughter of Duggal Digital C manager Ken, pushes boxes of Girl Scout Cookies into Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 25.

Omar, Emma and all the cookies!

Special thanks to our D-Lab manager Beth Achenbach for her wonderful idea!