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Our Monarch Waystation is Busy with Butterflies and Bees!

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Our Monarch Waystation is Busy with Butterflies and Bees!

Duggal Visual Solutions’ Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 25 is home to Monarch Waystation #22029. Certified by the University of Kansas’ non-profit Monarch Watch program, Monarch Waystations provide milkweeds, nectar and shelter for monarch butterflies on their 3,000-plus mile migration. Our previous article explained:

Each fall, millions of monarchs travel from Canada and the U.S. to the mountains of Mexico, where they bundle up in pine trees for the winter until it’s time to fly back north in spring. However, the monarch population has steadily dropped over the years, largely due to herbicides aimed at milkweed. While eliminating milkweeds might allow for genetically modified corn and other crops, it leaves monarchs without their primary food source.

As summer peaks and the subtle signs of fall set in, our waystation is buzzing with activity.

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Joining the Monarch Watch program is just one of our many sustainability initiatives. From maintaining SGP (Sustainable Green Printing Partnership), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), G7 (Idealliance) and Rainforest Alliance certifications to recycling 80-90% of all waste from our production facilities, we always have been and always will be committed to caring for the environment. Learn more here.