Phillip Graybill’s ‘Horse by Sea’ Exhibit Has a Soulful Story Behind It

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Phillip Graybill’s ‘Horse by Sea’ Exhibit Has a Soulful Story Behind It

One day, while photographer Phillip Graybill was shooting in NYC’s West Village, a man gave him an old camera from the ‘70s that “had been sitting under his sink for 20 years.” He was planning to throw it away and insisted Graybill take it instead.

So Graybill took the camera to a spot he had discovered in quaint Montauk, N.Y. – Established in 1658, Deep Hollow Ranch was once the oldest working ranch in the United States. Graybill had previously gained access to photograph it with his 35 mm camera after forging a friendship with the longtime owners. His new (yet really old) Mamiya C220 twin lens film camera had given him a new perspective upon which to reshoot.

“On overcast days, I headed to the ranch to photograph the horses. I eventually got to know each of them so well, the images became individual portraits depicting each horse’s personality, quirks and beauty,” Graybill says in a Kickstarter campaign that funded his latest exhibit. “What I didn’t know then was that these would be some of the last days most of these horses would spend on the ranch.”

Deep Hollow Ranch was sold in 2010, and Graybill says he is grateful to have captured its beauty before it closed.

Horse by Sea is a beautiful collection of Graybill’s images capturing the serenity of the Hamptons and the photographer’s inner connection to the ranch. It is the first gallery exhibit at La Maisonette, an antique store in a restored Sag Harbor home built in the 1800s.

“This show is all about bringing to life what was once lost. Not only can the images not be recaptured again, but they were taken on film, with a camera that easily could have ended up in the garbage,” Graybill says.

Duggal thoroughly enjoys producing Giclee prints for Phillip Graybill. He then turns the prints into true works of art, showing pure craftsmanship in a process that involves resins and waxes. Click here to learn more, and if you’re in the New York area, take a nice trip out to Long Island to see Graybill’s tranquil images up close:

La Maisonette Gallery

133 Main St, Sag Harbor, NY

through December 24

Phillip Graybill – “Two Horse” Phillip Graybill – “Montauk, Lighthouse” Phillip Graybill – “Blue Surfers” Phillip Graybill – “Sailor” Phillip Graybill – “Colts”