Photo Vocab #4: 120 Film Stock


Photo Vocab #4: 120 Film Stock

Kodak pioneered the household nature of photography we all enjoy today. This all started in 1900 when they introduced the Brownie camera. Shortly thereafter, in 1901, they introduce the Brownie No. 2 along with 120 film stock. This film stock is still popular today as one of the few medium format stocks available to amateur photographers as well as professionals.

The stock is 60mm wide and rolled on spools with a backing paper. Usually it is 30 to 33 inches long, allowing for up to 16 exposures per roll, though this depends on the aspect ratio of the exposures.

Some of the wider film frame sizes require a special panoramic camera to take advantage of.

Today 120 film is largely used in toy cameras like the Holga as well as traditional medium format cameras.