Photographer Creates Pocket Portfolio

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Photographer Creates Pocket Portfolio

There are millions of photographers in the world.

Some are proven professionals, while others are still learning the trade. Experience and skill aside, most photographers are similar in their means of promoting their business – a website, business card, and perhaps a printed portfolio. When you go to a trade show or seminar, you put on your networking cap and carry your camera at your hip.

The challenge of any business in any industry is finding a way to stand out from the competition; this is especially true in the saturated and subjective field of photography. Atlanta-based photographer Matthew Jones recently shared with PetaPixel a brilliant way to make a lasting impact on a potential client or partner – a “pocket portfolio.”

“Digital portfolios are great, but the decision for the potential client to revisit your work is totally in their own hands,” Jones wrote. “Printed portfolio books are amazing, but there’s a reason everyone isn’t running the floor with the looks of a freshman who’s just received their first round of textbooks (mainly, cost, in my opinion).”

While preparing for an event, Jones came up with the idea of creating a business card-sized portfolio; “something that was small enough to fit in one’s pocket, yet large enough to show off the integrity of my work in a complete body, all at a cost that wouldn’t break the bank,” he said.

Jones’ vision translated into nifty 3.5 x 2.25-inch, 10-page mini booklets accommodating 18 images. Take a look:

  book3 book1 book4

Brilliant – we love this kind of stuff. Have you found your creative edge? If not, what are you waiting for?