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Photographer Documents Abandoned Tennessee Resort Neighborhood

Curators’ Corner

Photographer Documents Abandoned Tennessee Resort Neighborhood

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When photographer Jordan Liles first stumbled upon an abandoned summer hotspot in the Smoky Mountains in 2009, he knew he had to return with his best gear and capture his respect for the ruins.

This past summer, Liles did just that. Down a gravel path about a mile off-road, he walked through the forest, up a hill and staircase to an abandoned hotel built-in 1912. The Wonderland Hotel was the centerpiece of the once vibrant getaway town, located near Gatlinburg, Tenn.  The hotel closed in 1992 and suffered severe damage from a fire in 1995.

“The Wonderland Clubhouses…are the hidden treasure and are something cool to see in the area,” Liles told Yahoo! News. “I love discovering the history of abandoned buildings.”

In addition to an intriguing collection of still photos, Liles walks us through the town in a documentary video. Toward the end of the video, he compares the eerie scenery to photos of the neighborhood at its peak.

It’s amazing how abandoned buildings take on such character of their own after falling into disuse. We love the spirit behind this type of adventure and encourage you to (safely) explore history with your camera.

For more inspiration, check out Liles’ similar voyage to the Cayman Islands and David Maisel’s walk through the abandoned wings of the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Asylum.