Photography Contest: PDN Great Outdoors Photo Contest (Deadline May 9th)


Photography Contest: PDN Great Outdoors Photo Contest (Deadline May 9th)

While waiting for our next contest to launch, you might want to look into PDN’s Great Outdoors Photo Contest. Winning a photography contest is a great accomplishment at every level of experience. Whether you’re an unknown beginner or established professional, photography contests give you a shot at two things you always want – exposure and prizes. Even when you’re not winning prizes, you’re creating exposure and networking opportunities just by entering your name and work.

This year’s PDN Great Outdoors Contest is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, do what you love and maybe even win something for it.

The prizes are all career builders – Workshops, photography courses, gift cards, subscriptions, portfolio services, interviews and features, cameras, gallery displays – Good stuff. Better than cash.

The deadline to enter is May 9th. It’ll cost you $45 to enter if you’re a professional and $22 if you’re an amateur.

Here are the categories:

-Plants, Animals, Insects and Gardens

-Beaches, Islands and Underwater

-Scenes of the Natural World

-Outdoor Sports and Activities

-Parks and Safaris

Click here to view the rules


Good luck, and let us know if you win!