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Spring Photography Tip: Capture Life

As much as we all love pictures of snow, Christmas decorations and drunken relatives in tacky sweaters, winter is far from a photographer’s wonderland.

Where the scenery is nice and wintery, the conditions are challenging. You’re shivering. Your fingers are cracked. Your scarf is choking you and your beanie is making your forehead really itchy. Your “texting gloves” don’t text. You’re a mess, and your shots probably are, too. You’ve got the sun reflecting on the snow, causing overexposure and overwhelming shadows. Your days are short. Most of nature is dead, and you’re constantly battling weather that can ruin your camera – freezing rain, howling wind, snow…you know how it is.

Spring, on the other hand, is by far the most optimistic season. When spring comes around, everyone comes out. Everything comes to life. It only gets better, from here ‘till November, baby! The easiest and least technical approach to taking great spring photos is to find life and capture it.

Here are a few ways to capture spring’s lively nature:

– Look for details – In spring you want to capture images that make people further appreciate life outside. They see the colors and they feel alive, but they might not process the details the way you can with your camera. Your job is to help them see the little things they love about this time of year.

– Get close – Bring the details out of your subject either by zooming in on it, getting closer to it or both.

– Increase your aperture – Hyper-focus your subject and its details by increasing your aperture (making the F-number smaller), thus creating a fuzzy background.

– Be colorful – This one is obvious, almost cliché…but spring foliage is colorful, as are spring sunsets. Find shots that capitalize on those bright colors.

– Find some animals – Plants get a lot of hype in spring photography, and with good reason. Animals are springing to life too, though. We’re talking about clearly comfortable squirrels…Chirping birds…Dogs without sweaters…Bugs; find some bugs (pretty bugs, not roaches)…Even bears in the woods (in the distance), or coyotes on the prairie (again, in the distance).

Spring is officially here; we’ll be rolling out a series of spring photo tips throughout the season. In the meantime, what are some of your favorite spring things to photograph?

Image by: Victoria Linssen (Double Delight Dew Drop)