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Photography Tip: Shooting at Night

Techniques/ Tips

Photography Tip: Shooting at Night

Photography Tips: Shooting at Night

Here are a few tips and ideas for night time photography:

1. Using a tripod will mage a huge difference because absolute stillness is a must in order to get the best of the slow shutter speeds you need in low light.

2 . Turn off your flash and switch to manual settings so you have more control over the image.

3. Shooting within 1/2 hour of sunset will allow you to capture beautiful colors and details in the sky.

4. Try bringing a flashlight to help with lighting.

5. Sometimes long exposure times can cause grainy images. Try lowering your ISO speed or turning off the noise reduction setting.

Here are some suggestions for what to shoot at night:

• skylines, lights on houses, buildings, streetlamps

• the moon & stars

• evening events

• light trails (cars moving, shooting stars, fireworks, etc.)

• Explore different exposures to create an HDR look


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These are just a few of Duggal’s suggestions and ideas to aid you in exploring the world of photography. There are many ways to approach photography and countless ways to capture the image you want.  Please feel free to share some of your own ideas and comments below!