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Photography Tips – Using a Telephoto Lens

Techniques/ Tips

Photography Tips – Using a Telephoto Lens

Tips for Using a Telephoto Lens

1. Using a tripod will make your photographs much sharper. Because telephoto and super telephoto lenses have a narrow field of view and magnification, even the slightest movement can cause blurring. Using a tripod is one step to ensure sharp and clear photographs.

2. Pressing the shutter button can cause the camera and lens to shake so we suggest using a shutter release to prevent blurring. A shutter release is an extension cord with a shutter release button so you can push the button without touching the camera.

3. Tighten up the frame in your subject. When using a telephoto lens, you can magnify the subject, shortening the distance between you and what you are photographing. This technique allows you to get more highlighted details than you would otherwise get with a shorter lens. This technique is great for photographing wildlife because you can stay far away and out of danger, but still get a close up shot.

4. When using a telephoto or super-telephoto lens, you are able to produce photographs with shallow planes of focus. A shallow depth of field can create a non-distracting background and enhance your subject.

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These are just a few of Duggal’s suggestions and ideas to aid you in exploring the world of photography. There are many ways to approach photography and countless ways to capture the image you want.  Please feel free to share some of your own ideas and comments.