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Brooklyn Museum

Yekaterina Barbash, assistant curator of Arts of Ancient Egypt at the Brooklyn Museum, understands detail. The museum archive holds nearly 10,000 ancient Egyptian artifacts, exquisite in nature and significance, but many overshadowed and rarely on public display purely based on size and completeness. Barbash recognized that a close study of the lesser, if showcased correctly, could ignite a new appreciation to the mastery and mindfulness in the craftsmanship of Egyptian antiquities.

With that in mind, how does the 3,500 year old, 2 1/2 x 1 inch “right eye from an Anthropoid Coffin” stand a chance against their expansive globally recognized Egyptian collection down the hall?

That challenge was assigned to the photography and technology specialists at Duggal Photo Studio. Pushing the envelope in digital imaging, the team are masters in the extreme detail capture of art and antiquities, to be used as true essence reproductions or to create high resolution enlargements up to 5000%.

“This 2 ½” eye was photographed in HD by Duggal, in 6 parts, re-assembled into an 18GB file, and then enlarged to 19’ wide at 1,000% enlargement, without pixilation. A miracle of photography.”

– Matthew Yokobosky, Chief Designer, Brooklyn Museum

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