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Nike’s Epic Tournament of Champions

Engraved in both sports and popular culture, Nike continues to raise the bar with unforgettable events and campaigns.
Nike’s Tournament of Champions is a massive annual street basketball festival featuring star NBA players and iconic streetball legends; it is a modern gem of the sport’s history and culture. Free to the public, the 2014 four-day tournament pitted select teams from some of basketball’s grittiest cities against each other in an electrifying, fan-frenzying environment that put the crowd within arm’s reach of basketball icons, pro and street.
Our Role
To accommodate such an amazing event, Duggal Global Events worked relentlessly to transform the 35,000-square-foot Duggal Greenhouse into home of the 2013 Nike Tournament of Champions. Banners and interactive multimedia booths complemented a true basketball court, while stunning Manhattan and East River views served as a picture-perfect backdrop for a one-of-a-kind spectator experience. Highlights include Team Kevin Durant vs. Team James Harden in the “Summer is Serious Game,” and a slam-dunk performance by French Montana.
Duggal Visual Solutions is proud of its relationship with Nike. It was truly an honor to host the 2013 Nike Tournament of Champions at the Duggal Greenhouse.

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