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PDN PhotoPlus 2017 and Nikon

Anyone who has ever been to PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo in New York City knows that Nikon has one of the most emphatic and eye-catching booths, visible immediately upon entering the Javits Center trade show.

Working with Duggal Visual Solutions’ Gordon Bailey for 20 years, Nikon entrusts its headliner status at PhotoPlus to the Duggal production team. And rather than focusing complete attention on gear and specs, Nikon captures the essence of its purpose as a camera maker by choosing to spotlight the end results – the beautiful imagery that can be created with top-quality Nikon equipment and an eye for photographic ingenuity. At PhotoPlus 2017, a gallery of photos promoted the new D850, while wide format cloth banners nodded to Nikon’s 100th anniversary.

Bringing the booth to life called for an array of solutions including curation, retouching, proofing, high-resolution photo printing, mounting and direct to substrate printing – all executed in-house and to perfection by Duggal’s Cameron May, Witner Beauge, Ben Reiter and many more behind-the-scenes heroes.

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