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Quick Tips for Creating A Portable Trade Show Kiosk


Quick Tips for Creating A Portable Trade Show Kiosk

Showcasing your brand at a trade show has historically called for clunky, impractical materials. Maybe you’re currently reliant on a giant folding table and a heavy backdrop, both difficult to set up. Consider, instead, a portable trade show kiosk. Yes, high-quality portable displays like this do exist! Here’s what to look for and how to bring such a display to life.


Lightweight Trade Show Design

Transporting a bulky trade show display doesn’t get any easier with each passing event. Opt instead for a lightweight, collapsible display and consider adding new supporting materials each year to keep the design feeling fresh. 

More Imagery, Less Text

White space is the crux of visual marketing displays. We all know that attention spans nowadays last only a few seconds, so draw in your audience by helping direct their focus to something visually appealing. A little bit of text goes a long way, especially when paired with the right graphic.

Engage Your Audience

In addition to your visual display, create a reason for passersby to stop at your booth. Whether it’s a fun game, a free promotional item, or simply a genuine, friendly greeting, most attendees at trade shows—with the exception of extreme extroverts—want and expect you to start the conversation.

It’s Time for a Trade Show Makeover

Bring a new feeling of ease and simplicity to your next trade show appearance. With a wide array of materials to choose from and top-quality printing services, Duggal allows you to focus your attention on the concept and messaging of your booth while we bring your vision to visuals in the form of a lightweight, yet durable display. Contact us to speak with one of our experts.