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Quick Tips for Your Capture the Moment Contest Entry

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Quick Tips for Your Capture the Moment Contest Entry

With Duggal’s Capture the Moment Photo Contest now open for submissions, we collaborated with our friends at the Light Stalking photography blog to provide some tips and tricks for portrait, street and adventure photography. Make your entry all the more intriguing by remembering even just one key takeaway from this five-minute read.

Portrait Photography

Between finding a model, understanding the light of the environment in which you’re shooting and operating your gear to compose the perfect shot, portrait photography can be tricky. If you’re looking for the classic, stylized approach to portrait photography, use soft light and a narrow aperture of f/8.0 or below. Also avoid any potentially distracting surroundings.

Simple tips aside, there is so much more to portrait photography. You can have multiple subjects, busy surroundings, a wide depth of field – it’s all about your vision. For a comprehensive guide to portrait photography, read more here.

Street Photography

Street photography can be challenging as well—but in all the ways portrait photography is not. There are no models. You don’t have controlled lighting. The environment is constantly changing. Instead of creating a world, you’re capturing the world as it is, in all of its honest glory. Light Stalking provides a great guide to shooting street photography here.

Outdoor/Adventure Photography

The first question to ask yourself when shooting nature and outdoor photography is what your subject is going to be. If you’re going for close-up shots of wildlife—vs. attempting to capture a sweeping landscape—your vision will dictate the equipment, settings, and lenses you choose.

Light Stalking has many articles on outdoor photography, and they’re constantly adding more. Their Q&A with adventure photographer Dan Bailey is especially interesting. Check it out here. And if you’re photographing nature, make sure you’re being respectful and ethical.

You’ve got plenty of resources in Light Stalking alone to inspire your Capture the Moment entry. Whenever you’re ready, submit your photo and story here.

Hurry, submissions close on July 31st, 2019!