Rare Beatles and Rolling Stones Photographs Surface – The Bob Bonis Archive

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Rare Beatles and Rolling Stones Photographs Surface – The Bob Bonis Archive

Every now and then in the world of rock and roll memorabilia, a mother lode of goods hits the market that send fans into a frenzy of what some in the collecting universe call ‘the gimmes’ (‘the give mes’). Hardcore rock fans are passionate, to say the least, and more often fanatical about acquiring what they consider must-haves for their collections. Some items create such a stir that they’ve broken records in auction settings with prices that would surely stun those not familiar with the ardent memorabilia collecting demographic. Just look at final bid amounts for keepsakes such as George and Ringo’s jackets from the film Help! selling for $175,000 or Elvis’ bible going for $90,000, to see how these needed objects can tear at collectors’ heartstrings and open their wallets. Rarity is of course, part of the draw. As unknown and rare items surface out of the woodwork, the collective interest of the collecting clique rises to a fever pitch.

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One of these rare finds has surfaced: a treasure trove of never-before-seen photographs of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, part of the personal archive of one who knew both bands well, and was allowed the extraordinary privilege of photographing them on the road. Although he was not a paid photographer his passion and talent were significant, yielding a remarkable archive of intimate and unguarded photographs documenting the early days of the British Invasion.

The Bob Bonis Archive Larry Marion 57

After 50 years in his private archive, the photos, taken between 1964 and 1966 by Bob Bonis, a former U.S. tour manager for the two groups, are making their way into the collectors market. The collection represents what many experts have said to be amongst the most important archive of rock and roll photographs ever. Mr. Bonis had unequaled access to both bands at the time they hit the American market with a bang.

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He captured personal, behind-the-scenes photographs of these icons as individuals and as bands. From live performance shots, to candids on the road, in motels, and in the studio, Bonis’ images capture a side of these two bands that most people have never seen. For nearly 50 years, these photographs remained safely locked in a basement, as personal property of the photographer. But now, The Bob Bonis Archive, a company that acquired the negatives, slides and worldwide copyright from the estate of Mr. Bonis, under the guidance of esteemed rock and roll historian Larry Marion, has decided to share this rare treasure with the public.

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Per Mr. Marion, curator of this phenomenal collection, the limited edition photographs offered in The Bob Bonis Archive eBay Store are all printed by the master printers at Duggal Visual Solutions, one of the world’s leading custom printers of fine art photographs for top photographers, fine-art galleries and museums. All have been printed on professional gallery grade Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper and are being made available to fans and collectors in limited edition, hand numbered and estate embossed prints accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from the Grammy Museum®.

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This is rock and roll history. We at Duggal are very proud to have done our part in maintaining the integrity of this very important collection.


All photos Copyright 2015 Bob Bonis Archive