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Recess Gets Creative in Quarantine


Recess Gets Creative in Quarantine

It’s good to see our friends at Recess staying “calm cool collected,” even during these hectic times.

The CBD sparkling water brand and “antidote to modern times,” recently launched three new flavors (coconut lime, blood orange and black cherry) along with a hip apparel line called Realitywear, attributing the new releases to being “bored in quarantine so we started designing clothing and objects.”



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“A global pandemic was not the modern times we had in mind, but the whole theory of Recess is that the world’s increasingly going crazy and it’s unsettling,” Recess founder and CEO Benjamin Witte told Forbes. “We all need to take a recess throughout the day.”

Witte has passionately positioned Recess as more than a beverage. It’s a feeling and headspace (conveyed through truly brilliant branding, might we add). And now, it’s making the turn into a lifestyle.


“I look at this as a next platform for us,” Witte told Morning Brew. “The natural extension of that is to create objects, whether that’s something you can wear, or a zine, or a puzzle. You name it, we’re going to do it, because that’s what we are. I think our strongest capability is creating.” The full interview on Morning Brew is definitely worth a read as Witte explains his vision going forward.

It has been rewarding for us at Duggal to be a part of Recess’ rise to fandom in our own unique ways. See the photos below for branded graphics—including bodega displays, pop-up booths, vinyl vehicle wraps and more—produced by our team in Brooklyn, New York.

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