Recreating a Century-Old Photo Album

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Recreating a Century-Old Photo Album

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Photographs are the gold of heritage.

When our friends at Silk Purse Factory Photo & Video Editing came to us for partnership in recreating their client’s family photo album dating back to 1903, we were thoroughly inspired by the depth and magnitude of the portraits we found ourselves flipping through. The book is the family’s only remaining possession of that time period.

After Duggal digital experts captured the intricacies of the book’s cover and pages for reproduction, printing consultant Brian Renaldo led the way in producing seven copies of a digitally printed replica with in-house binding and custom protective jackets. Silk Purse Factory then hand-mounted each photograph into specialty leather albums onto which they had the family’s name foil stamped in gold.

The family album is an absolute treasure – a testament to photography in its purest form.