Recycling Report — May 2014


Recycling Report — May 2014

At Duggal, sustainability means a commitment to innovate, detoxify and recycle across all aspects of our supply-chain and production processes. By recycling, a substantial portion of our waste can be broken down into their original elements and reused to produce new raw materials. In this way, we can reduce the amount of harmful waste we discard into the environment. By eliminating environmentally hazardous materials throughout our production facilities, we hope to provide visual solutions for a more sustainable future. And what a difference we can make.

Currently we are recycling between 80 – 90% of all waste in each of our five main production facilities.

May 2014 Recycling Results:

81.67% – Corporate Location – 29 W. 23rd St

80.80% – Building 500, Brooklyn Navy Yard – Large Format Printing

81.90% – Building 42-46, Brooklyn Navy Yard

81.67% – Building 62, Brooklyn Navy Yard – Direct to Substrate, Digital Offset Printing, Laser & Router Cutting

Recycling Results To Date:

82.60% – 29 w. 23rd Street

83.06% – Building 500

82.06% – Building 42-46

82.10% – Building 62