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Reka Nyari Brings Her “Ink Stories” to DUMBO

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Reka Nyari Brings Her “Ink Stories” to DUMBO

In her first exhibition of 2020, Reka Nyari is back State-side and exhibiting her latest work at Blackbook Presents Gallery in DUMBO.

Presented through 17 large-scale black-and-white prints, Ink Stories – including her newest series Blooming Ink – continues Nyari’s ongoing portraiture project exploring a central element to her practice: intimate studies of self-identity and female empowerment through nude portraiture. 

Nyari places Ink Stories into the canon of unfettered female imagery with the tales of women and their response to struggle and pain. In addressing the complex facets of body art, Nyari makes her subjects’ tattoos understood as symbols of vigor and triumph. Engraved into skin and fully on display are acts of defiance, vows of power, emblems of transformation of the mind through the physical body – stories of women surviving, better yet – thriving. 

Reka Nyari, “Bud of the Bud”, 62.5″ x 52″

In an interview with BlackBook, Nyari notes “I think showing women from a non-objective, non-sexualized point of view is very welcomed at the moment. And [tattooing] is such a rebellious way of taking control and altering about you were born with. While it may not seem like a big deal to us, most people around the world are shocked to see women with this many tattoos.” 

Duggal Visual Solutions congratulates Nyari on her continued success and is proud to produce her prints exhibited and purchased around the world. Nyari has been working with Duggal’s Hillary Altman for nearly a decade.

Ink Stories will be on view at BlackBook Presents from January 16 – February 16, 2020.