Reyka Vodka – High Impact Trade Show Display

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Reyka Vodka – High Impact Trade Show Display

Reyka Vodka Tradeshow Display

Creating an effective tradeshow display is one of the most difficult challenges a creative firm can face. But if done right, these displays can be showstoppers. Take for instance Duggal’s Reyka Vodka display. Emulating the process by which Reyka Vodka is made from spring water that runs through a 4,000 year old lava field in Iceland, the display is not only visually engaging but actually dispenses vodka. If you’ve ever walked the endless aisles at any given tradeshow, you’ll understand just how attractive an idea this is. At first glance you may crave a gulp of the icy spring water that runs down the mountain in the Reyka display. But you’ll be hard-pressed to turn down the shot of vodka it gives you instead.

Reyka Vodka Display

 A common misconception is that tradeshow displays sell product. They don’t. The job of the display is to make people stop so booth personnel can sell product. As people are strolling down the aisle you have to show them something so unique and compelling that they will have no choice but to stop. The approximately 9’ x 9’ Reyka display does just that.

Reyka Vodka display close up

The beautifully designed construction was realized in Duggal’s Fabrication Department from a client-provided conceptual drawing. It is a complex assembly of finely printed Samba, customized plumbing and above all else, great vision. Design and construction of this display was not as much about thinking outside the box as it was about throwing the box away completely.

Reyka Vodka display mountain close up

The Reyka distillery is located in a coastal village removed from industrial life and surrounded by wonderful natural resources. To help paint a picture of how untouched the resources are there, the CO2 levels are actually falling. The air is that clean. With crisp arctic waters and abundant lava rocks at their disposal, the makers of Reyka want to give the world a little taste of what they experience every day. That’s why they produce Reyka. It’s not just made in Iceland. It’s made of the things that make Iceland unlike any other place in the world. You should visit some time. In the meantime, try the vodka.

Reyka Vodka Bottle