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Going Social with RUNA, the Clean Energy Drink

DVS Project

Going Social with RUNA, the Clean Energy Drink

Lifestyle brands recognize the power of brand ambassadors and the importance of putting an eye-catching product in their hands.

RUNA, the clean energy® drink made with the Amazonian guayusa super leaf, is giving influencers some eye candy to share with their followers in the form of fresh, informative packaging. Four cans of the beverage and a jar of guayusa leaves sit in a winged box designed with fun facts on how RUNA provides natural caffeine, “From a leaf, not a lab®.”

The box was conceptualized by Duggal’s Ryan Shorr, refined through several rounds of prototyping, and produced in our Brooklyn Navy Yard facilities. Matte lamination and a turned edge top give the outside a sleek frame and seamless finish. See photos below, and keep an eye out for a new design to be released in the coming months.

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Oh, and if you notice this show up in your Instagram feed, go ahead and double-tap.